Simple details

Minimal background elements

70 - 120 USD

Complex Details

Full illustrations with backgrounds

200+ USD


  • Humanoid

  • OCs

  • Fanart

  • Mild Gore


  • NSFW

  • Extreme Gore

  • Mecha

  • Furries


  • The base price for each tier includes a maximum of two characters. Every character beyond this limit will add an additional 60-80 USD, depending on complexity

  • For an additional 50 USD, I will work without visual references

  • I may decline a commission if I am uncomfortable/not confident in drawing it

  • Please read the Terms of Service before commissioning


  • Full upfront payment via Paypal invoice.

  • For Malaysian commissioners, I am open to negotiate prices and using bank transfer.

  • Commissions are for personal use only. If interested in commercial use, we can negotiate terms.

  • Do NOT sell/mint/use the art for NFT. Additionally, cryptocurrency is not accepted as payment.

  • Commissions will be completed within 3-4 weeks after payment. I will inform you beforehand if the commission cannot be completed within this timeframe.

  • Updates will be given at each major stage: (Sketch, Lineart, Flats, Render).

  • You may request up to 3 revisions of your commission, after which I will charge an additional 20 USD for every change made.

  • Revisions during the sketch stage will not be charged.

  • Unless stated otherwise, all commissions are purely digital. There will be no physical copy.

  • You may share the commissioned piece on social media, provided credit is given to me and you do not claim to create the piece.

  • If you cancel your commission, you will receive a full refund if I have not completed the initial sketch. You will receive a half refund if I have completed the sketch or lineart. You will receive a quarter refund if I have completed the flats.

  • You will not receive a refund after I have completed a commission.

  • As the artist, I retain the rights to my artwork and may include it in my portfolio.

  • If you are unsure about the guidelines or terms, feel free to send your questions via email at [email protected] or twitter DMs @planetsandmagic



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